Lanks - beats musician Will Cuming. the album is twentyseven

LOOK at Lanks go. He finished off, released and toured the difficult first album, twentyseven, and now he’ll headline a show at Melbourne Museum for the always-buzzing Nocturnal shows.

Think slinky, luscious melodies, crisp, tactile drums and a berry after finish with cherry blossom notes. Lanks was kind enough to talk secret crushes, fire up songs and being starstruck meeting the woman behind Joseph.

Real name?

Will Cuming

Guilty pleasure?

Pop bangers. But I’m not guilty about it

Where is home?

Melbourne (sort of)

Career Plan B?

Good question, Mum

Biggest Bug Bear?

Being too tall to hear people’s conversations in loud venues.

Earliest Memory?

Eating banana flavoured toothpaste with my friend in the backyard.

Your Best Quality?

I’m passionate.

And your Worst?

I talk. A lot.

5 Dream dinner party guests?

Bobby Mcferrin

Donald glover

Tacey (my partner)

Hannah Gadsby

Dolly Parton

5 Desert Island discs?

Good Kid MAAD city – Kendrick Lamar

Because the Internet – Childish Gambino

Amnesiac – Radiohead

In Rainbows – Radiohead

Best of – Bjork

Advice to teenage self?

Always keep learnin’

What did you have for breakfast today?

Nothing. Early flight and forgot

Top of your bucket list?

Go see the Rockies in Canada

Biggest inspiration?

My grandma and my wife

Secret crush?

Maggie Rogers

Secret skill?


Lanks - beats musician Will Cuming. the album is twentyseven

Lanks – beats musician Will Cuming. the album is twentysevenSource:Supplied

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

If it’s a good mirror, a version of me with less visible flaws

Starstruck moment?

Meeting Emma Louise. She doesn’t know that though

Career highlight?

Lots! But I feel like the best is yet to come

Favourite tipple?



Song that always makes you shake your rump and nearly split your pants and why?

Kiss – Prince. It feels so so good

Song that is a hidden gem that not many people know about but everyone should know about and love…and how you discovered it?

Gentleman – Fela Kuti. My sister showed it to me when we were studying jazz and I still go back to it regularly

Song that you would gladly listen to 5 times in a row if you were stuck in an elevator for half an hour and you had to think calm thoughts?

Better – Mallrat

Song to prepare you for battle, fire you the f**k up and make you feel like you were armed to teeth and why?

Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel. We used to crank it before playing indoor soccer and it just does everything you need.

Song to get someone you rather fancy in the mood for luuuuuuurve.

Anderson .Paak. Any of it

How did you develop your creative vision?

Through daily practise and exploration of all the feelings. I think it’s still very much a work in progress and I’ve not yet fully found a clear vision. That’s how I see it. I’m just searching and exploring.

HEAR: twentyseven out now.

SEE: Nocturnal, Melbourne Museum, 11 Nicholson St, Carlton. Nov 2. 0/5. 



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