‘Alexa, play Hamilton.’ If you have an Amazon Echo device and a Prime subscription, that’s all you need to listen to the Hamilton Original Cast Recording. It’s included with Prime — meaning you don’t actually need Alexa, either, just any device that supports the Amazon Music app.

No Prime? Try Hoopla Digital. The Hamilton soundtrack is currently available through this free, public-library-powered media service. Assuming you already have a library card, see if your library branch offers Hoopla. Hoopla even has mobile apps so you can download the soundtrack to play on the go.

No Hoopla? Look no further than Spotify. Even with a free account, you can play all 46 songs’ worth of Hamilton. The catch: You’ll have to contend with ads, same as with other free Spotify content.

Let me pause here to address the skeptical, because I used to be among you. I had zero interest in Hamilton, so it was only grudgingly that I accepted birthday tickets to the show. I don’t really like musicals, and I really don’t like hip-hop. Sit through two hours’ worth, all about a guy I barely remembered from history class? Sigh. If I have to.

Full stop. To say I’m a convert is an understatement. I now listen to the music constantly. I’m reading Ron Chernow’s Hamilton biography. I’m utterly fascinated by the history, and every time I play the soundtrack, I learn more about how it dovetails with the real story. The lyrics are amazing; the music, fantastic.


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